Chetek 9-Pin Tap Poster

Lexi Jordan, Forest Lake, picked up the 4 -6 for $100!!!

Adam Raymond, Bloomer, picked up the 4-6 split $100. Way to go!

Bud Young, Bruce

Bud made $275 during our October Squad Leader Promotion

Mark Preuss, IGH, A long time, great Squad Leader picked up the Greek Church for $100

Tyler McCollogn, Lakeville, Picked up the 4-6-7 for a quick $100

Mitzi Hawkins, Clayton, picked up the Big 4 for $300!!

Awesome work!!

Scott Pohl, Burnsville, picked up the Big 4 for $300!

What can't he do?!

Nick Gould, Farmington,  picked up the Big 4 for $300!

Tiffany Nesja, Chippewa Falls

Tiff took home $240 when she had nine - 9-pin strikes in a row!!

Mike Copas, Cornell

Mike had his 1st natural 300 during our 9-pin!!

$300 richer

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